Sunday, 24 November 2013


Another welcome aboard post, this time to walter. Thanks to walter, the blog now has 135 Followers, which of course means extending the thanks to everyone who stops by. Cheers guys.

On the blog front time for a couple of quick updates. For those who like the Battle Reports, we played out this year's Christmas Madness game a couple of says ago, so that will be up in time for the festive period. On the painting front I have been doing a bit of work on Red Bella, so if she gets finished in the next few weeks I will be pleased.

On the Pulp City Supreme Edition news front, as announced on the FB page and Forum we have decided to delay the Kickstarter until January 30th 2014. The reasons are logistical and also recognizing that the lead-up to Christmas is less than ideal for those wanting to back the project.

That is pretty much it for. Thanks again to walter for signing up, and to everyone I hope to get some more posts up soon time permitting (I have started a new course which has cut into hobby time, so things on my 3 minis blogs  are more in line with what makes sense time-wise).


  1. Back to school, is it? Congratz.

    1. Almost; a year long post-graduation certificate course related to work; worst of both worlds! And much less time to do hobby stuff. Time to paint smarter not harder! LOL. :)


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