Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Another 'welcome' post, this time to Warlord Paul of the Black Hole blog (click for link), a blog I will now be Following. Whether I succumb to warlord Paul's ethical mastery of the interwebz remains to be seen! I am thankful for each and everyone of you who has signed up o in that spirit, a big thanks go to Warlord Paul.

On the Pulp City front we are gearing up for our January 30th anticipated Supreme Edition Kickstarter launch. There are so many things that can impede a project like this, and we seem to have run into all of them!

If we only achieve our target and no stretch goal, that will be enough to bring out the revised edition of the game, with updated cards for more than 110 models. If it goes past that goal, then we can get some cool new models sculpted. The aspirational target is (I think) very reasonable, so i hope we succeed.

More news as we approach the launch day!


  1. Thanks for the welcome, the link and for following. Much appreciated!

    1. Glad to have you aboard, and looking forwards to reading your blog. :)


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