Friday, 18 April 2014


A new 'welcome to the blog' post, this time to the coolly named Ronin Plumber, as Follower #139. Even though new content is added at a slower rate than when I started over four years and 625 posts ago, I will continue to add to the blog, so it is great (for me) to see new people signing up ever so often. So thanks again to Ronin Plumber (and everyone who signs up or stops by).

While I have only painted a couple of Pulp City minis this year, I do have ambitions to get several more done before September (when the KS is anticipated to be delivered). Ideally I would like to have painted most or all of the following Supremes before then:

  • Green Serpent
  • Doom Train
  • Blacksmith
  • V.H.
  • Comte Vendredi
  • Red Bella
  • Papa Zombie
  • At least one Terror Cotta Warrior
That would bring me to the point where all the retail-released minis except the Monster are done, which would be nice, and would take me to around 125 painted Pulp City minis. Watch this space!

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