Sunday, 27 November 2016

Pulp City New Releases

The November wave of new Pulp City releases is here! This month we continue new releases as well as putting the first selection of Cold War minis into the web-store (all from the Supreme Alliance).

Twilight (new; Level 2, Coven and The Way) €8.00
Bramble (Level 2, Settler's Green and Freelancer) €8.00
Spybreaker (Level 3, Supreme Alliance) €8.00
Aquanaut (Level 2, Supreme Alliance) €8.00
Battlesuit 7  (Level 2, Supreme Alliance) €8.00
E.C.T.O. (Level 2, Supreme Alliance) €8.00
Sabotage (Level 2, Supreme Alliance) €8.00

With this wave, we are trying something new, recognising that recent changes around the world have affected our fans. Therefore, we are happy to launch this wave of minis at a temporarily reduced price - each at €8.00 instead of the usual €9.95. This offer will last until the next wave is released! :)

BONUS: Pulp City fans can now pick up alt cards for Arquero, Chernobog, Perun  (Cold War), Sister Bedlam and Tangent (Red Republik) through the 'Special Cards' item on the store!


  1. Wow, lot of new releases and changes.
    I've got no clue what you mean with this sentence though '... recognising that recent changes around the world have affected our fans.'

    I really should get this game started and get all these gorgeous miniatures painted.
    Unfortunately Pulp City is on hold for the moment until I finish some of my forces for other games. I do love these posts though, they keep reminding me what a lovely range Pulp City is and gets the itch to start painting going.

    1. We meant recent changes affecting currency exchange rates. :)

  2. I haven't a clue about what any of these minis do, but by crikey do they look awesome!!! Battlesuit 7 is the pick of the bunch for me... perhaps in 2017 I'll finally get going with this game. Goodness knows I've owned the starter set for long enough [blush].

    1. I look forward to seeing your painted PC minis eventually Simon. :)

  3. The original Twilight is one of my faves, but the new


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