Friday, 5 August 2011


Welcome aboard to anew Follower with both a great nickname and superb avatar choice: hello and welcome to Tea Urn with a rather marvellous Rorschach (comics) head-shot avatar. Great name, great av - needed saying again I felt. If anyone knows me well enough, they may know my weakness for tea, so the name has extra gravitas to me. :)

Tea Urn is both minis fan and (lapsed?) comics fan I guess from his comments, so hopefully the Pulp Citizen can offer something worthwhile. Cheers for joining.

On the minis front nothing new painted fro a few days, although I have been doing some prep for a game witn Rob planned for next week; working title - Merlin's Reach. This will be a variant of the Quest Plot and will be set away from the usual urban battles e run, so should look nicely distinct.

On other news, word filters through from Gencon (US) attendees that some of the new Pulp City minis have been sighted, including denizens of Little Asia; all I can say on them is that some belong to a new Sub-faction (boo! hiss! bad guys), while some are more Heroic but maybe not quite tied into a Sub-faction, and other minis will have excellent utility in a number of Teams....


  1. Thanks for the welcome! Good to see a blog dedicated to a game and updated regularly.

    Bit off topic, but I was wondering what your findings were on the sarissa precision buildings? Wondering whether they're worth the price or if I should scratch build the buildings and spend more cash on figures instead ;)

  2. The products look very nice, but I have yet to assemble beyond dry-fit. When time allows I will paint and assemble the two kits I have and post full thoughts.

    In the mean time, look at the paper-craft label posts I have done for free options, including some buildings that could easily be 'converted' with just a sharp knife and straight edge.


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