Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Here Be Monsters...

Or "guess what the postie delivered today!"

2 Monster bodies, 4 heads, and lots of bits and bobs - good job I have a couple of weeks free methinks.

The parcel was a welcome sight as I want to get on with painting some new Pulp City stuff and it also contained the latest releases: Loup Garou II & Moonchild/Moon Coyote; Arquero & Riposte. Reinforcements for the Blood Watch and the Coven, as well as some new Hero/Villains - a good all-round mix then.

I just need to decide how I want to build these Pulp Monsters then, and which heads to use...


  1. Now that looks like a bundle of fun and I can't wait to see those assembled and painted. I hope the old adage of the larger the figure the more difficult to paint doesn't work here.

    The creature from the black lagoon head look the best for me.

  2. I think Mysterious Man would love a giant Dino.

  3. I think the Ulthar-style head (left) is going to be a definite, as I think with the frond-y things at the front it has a slight Asian dragon influence, so should double up for a 'Little Asia' themed Monster.

    Now to add context, I already have a metal RAFM Cthulhu awaiting assembly & painting, so would that sway any opinions?


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