Sunday, 14 August 2011


The Pulp Citizen is fortunate to welcome another new Follower. This time Silverback, a contributor to GOG Online (link here) an eclectic minis blog. Another contributor is Tea Urn so I am glad to have you fellows aboard.

I enjoy blogs that take a broad brush view of minis offerings, and that don't take themselves seriously, so GOG Online is certainly recommended.

On the Pulp City front I have another Battle Report to work up, and further out have a stash of non-Pulp City minis to get ready for September or early October by the latest, for a very special future Battle Report...


  1. Good to see the silverback on board after I recommended he take look at the blog (the pretty pictures in the last post probably swung it!)

    We don't update GOG online nearly as much as we should, but hopefully we'll do so more now there's another new game system around :)

    And contrary to what you might guess from his username, he didn't Bagsy ARC when we were choosing figures....

  2. So in the time-honoured tradition of the bagsy, who got what, or do I have to wait and see?

  3. All of ARC for one player, all of heavy metal for Silverback, a very good selection of villains for another player and a selection of heroes and the left over starter box villains for me. When we start games, we like to do it properly :)


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