Tuesday, 17 January 2012


A new 'welcome aboard' post - this time to Gigawatts, blogger of Teacher by Day, Wargamer by Night. Very kind to sign up to Pulp Citizen and Gigawatts can be assured I have reciprocated. In turn by following his blog I will get to see more stuff of interest that will pop up on the 'blogs I enjoy' list, which I find is one of the the cool things about blogging - that idea that someone showing interest in your blog leads you to theirs which in turn can offer interesting, useful or informative ideas and posts. So big thanks again to Gigawatts.

On painting news, I finished a new version of Stalker a few days ago, but work has meant insufficient time to photograph it yet. I have also done more work on the Aquarius Warlord so hope that will be done soon.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out. I wasn't expecting it and it was nice to be recognized.

    On the Pulp City front, I want to introduce the game to my FLGS since they currently don't carry it. Any suggestions for putting on demos? I am looking for tips on balanced, yet fun teams and point levels. What is small enough to teach the game, but not gimp the mechanics?

    I am new to the rules myself, but I have fallen in love with all of the sculpts with a soft-spot in my heart for the A.R.C.

  2. My advice is start with 2 or 3 models per side. Try and get a brawler type and a ranged type at least and then another cool model. the brawler can throw stuff around (always fun), and stick to a 2 feet by 2 feet or 2' x 3' board so the action is on quickly.

    Which minis do you have?

  3. None yet, but soon...soon. I literally just discovered the game a week ago and had a case of love at first sight.


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