Monday, 23 January 2012


Another 'welcome' post, this one going out to Denmark I believe - "thanks" for signing up as a Follower to Lord Siwoc. I note that Lord Siwoc has two of his own blogs, and they have been added to my watch list - one is called Brains and Guts - you can't go far wrong with a title like that! I look forwards to seeing what Lord Siwoc has in store for his blog going into the future.

So as ever, thanks to my new Follower and thanks to all who choose to stop by.


  1. You are quite welcome.

    It seems I got to be henchman No. 90 ? Better wear a redshirt then....

  2. Don't worry, everyone is a star-name as far as I am concerned - no red-shirts here. :)


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