Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sentinels Of The Multiverse

Not Pulp City related, but Sentinels Of The Multiverse is a fun supers-themed card game. As my Thursday night gaming group will be playing tonight, I thought I would post briefly about it.

The game is a co-operative card game (not a CCG, but a game with pre-built decks for the various heroic characters that are available), and in it players choose a villain to fight and a location to battle them in.

We lost one and won one in our first try (4 players) and tonight we will play with 5 players so it will be interesting to see if that skews the odds in the heroes favour, having more heroes to bring to bear.

We found the game fast and fun with decision-making offset by by the luck of the draw. While I am not a fan of co-operative games such as Arkham Horror and Castle Ravenloft for example (great visual design, but some unnecessary complexities - AH, and some seriously flawed and uncontrollable random results - CR), SotM pleasantly surprised me, but then I am an unabashed fan of super-heroes, so that is to be expected I guess.

SotM has a supplement coming up called Rook City and I will certainly pick that up, enamoured as I am by SotM's game-play. It may not be quite as magical as Race for the Galaxy (a challenging yet brilliant game in my view), or have the elegance of a great 'German-style' board game (Power Grid being a favourite of mine), but it has been load of fun so far and I look fowards to playing more SotM games in the future. Highly recommended.


  1. Interesting stuff, I'm certainly tempted by this.

    We have a similar set of games in circulation in our gaming group and arkham horror just about gets by on theme alone despite it's faults (which are many, varied and we moan about them but always get drawn back to it to play!) whereas we found power grid to be clever but ultimately just a little too dull. Whilst most euro games seem to me to beresource and management games, they dress them up with stories, etc.

    I would be hard pressed to choose a duller storyline than building power stations in Germany and that's why the game failed for us, despite the elegant mechanics. Guess we're just a little shallower with this sort of thing ;)

  2. Can I recommend "chaos I'm the old world"?

    It plays much like a euro game (risk & resource management, thought provoking turns, tactics) but also has some great pieces and looks like a nice American style game.

    We picked it up on the back of the theme, but are very happy with the intricacies of the game too.


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