Friday, 9 March 2012

New Waves!

With a long time since being able to place a new Pulp City order, I have just ordered the new stuff which is on pre-order.

I have been waiting for these for a long time, and I am glad they are finally available.

While I don't normally post the releases, focusing instead on the minis as I (eventually) paint them, some of these are a little more personal for me me so I thought it was only fitting to mention the release here!

And for identification purposes:
Top row (l to r):
Shadow Mask: Jade Cult, L1, Villain, Mystery.
Takuni: Jade Cult, L1, Villain, Mystery.
Doom Train: Necroplane, L2, Villain, Mystery.

Middle row (l to r):
Crimson Oni: L2, Hero, Mystery.
Foxxy Blade: L1, Hero/Villain, Nature.
Night Fright & Leech: two Supremes - Necroplane, L1, Villain, Mystery.

Bottom row (l to r):
Ninja: various options for Jade Cult or Way of the Blade & Fist.
Green Serpent: Jade Cult, L2, Villain, Mystery.
Ninja: various options for Jade Cult or Way of the Blade & Fist.

The boxes are:
Doom Train with Night Fright & Leech.
Crimson Oni with Foxxy Blade.
Green Serpent and 2 Ninjas; 4 heads, 2 bodies, 4 sets of arms - lots of possible combinations (128 depending on arm pairings?); Hero and villain options, and with the right Team selection, a Jade Cult Ninja Sensei option can be unlocked!
Shadow Mask with Tanuki.


  1. Those are some cool-looking minis. I'm looking forward to seeing you paint them.

  2. Takuni...could be my personae.

  3. Ordered the lot. Really looking forward to these.

    I hope you dont mind me asking (no need to answer if you do) but how are some of them personnal to you?


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