Monday, 19 March 2012

Sgt. Bale Extreme

Two years and two months from my original post about my Sgt. Bale Extreme components and plans, here it is finished.

Click on the pictures to enlarginate.

I would not have finished this now if it was not for the 'miniature exchange' that Varagon arranged and orchestrated on the Pulp City Forum, so big thanks to him for creating a vehicle to get me motivated to paint it. I will definitely sign up for the next one!

I have added a comparison shot with my own Sgt. Bale as this will probably be the only time the two minis will ever be able to be seen together; Sgt. Bale Extreme will soon be winging his way across the Atlantic to its recipient.

I have really enjoyed this process and the deadline was a useful thing for me - I seem to work better with a deadline it seems.

It has been nice to see various Forum members who got involved posting their progress. If you get a chance to sign up for something similar, I heartily recommend it.

When the mini due to head my way is received, expect pictures of that too.

Two years and two months from start to finish? No time at all...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jay. I haven't charted the progress on a mini like this before, so even though I would have tried out something like OSL if I had longer, I am pretty pleased. :)

  2. Thanks for the comparison pic. The Sgt Bale Extreme is so much cooler.

    1. Thanks Luckyjoe; I called him Sgt. Bale 'Extreme' with tongue planted firmly in cheek when I chose that suffix, but I am pretty happy with the over-the-top outcome. :)

    2. Also, you can see how my painting has progressed in approximately 2 years; even at 38 years of age this hobbyist is still learning!


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