Friday, 18 May 2012


Welcome aboard to Follower #109 - ARBAL. Even after a couple of years it always helps keep my enthusiasm going for the blog to see new people join up, so I am really thankful as ever when someone signs up - so a big thanks to ARBAL and of course to everyone who stops by.

As mentioned in the last post, I hope to finish Crimson Oni this weekend and get some paint on a few others.

I am also making some plans for a future Battle Report Encounter;. I feel like doing something rural  (like the UK-set game), so that I can use trees, hills etc. and see how that affects gaming. I picked up some Kallistra hills (or maybe they are escarpments) at Salute and want to give them a try.


  1. Lookiing forward to seeing what you come up with for a UK battle.
    Maybe castle ruins aswell?

  2. This one won't be UK, but maybe woods (with a ruin!) deep in the heart of Ruritania or something. I want to try different elevations etc, and see if that will inform any decisions we make with the new rules.


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