Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Another 'welcome' post, this time going out to Henry's Tat, proprietor of the blog called Henry's wargames and strange tat. If I recall correctly, I *think* I saw the demo game Henry's Tat was running for Carnevale at Salute, and if it is the board I am thinking of, then I have to say that I really liked that board. Henry's Tat seems to be a hobbyist of commendably eclectic tastes, so I will be reciprocating and Following his own blog with interest. Thanks again to Henry's Tat and everyone else who has joined (and those who have stayed! especially!).

On my Pulp City front - I have seen a sneak peek of the mini I will be getting in the mini exchange and it is superb; great paintwork from the fantastically talented Maru, and a mini that has not yet been released! Woo-hoo! This link goes to the Forum post about it - I can't wait.

On my own painting, well Crimson Oni is proceeding well so hopefully he will be finished within a few days, followed by Shadow Mask after that I guess.


  1. Wow thank you very much, that board was possibly the nicest table I have ever played on (no more green cloth and book hills for me!.

    I will also be picking up some Pulp City in the near future so no doubt I will be trawling your blog for info.


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