Friday, 31 October 2014

Hallowe'en Madness 2014

Pictures by Rob and me. Ape Statue by Rob. Minis by me (except Ninja Apes by Rob). Gaming by the both of us!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this! Nice format to present a battle report.

    1. Thanks Wouter; an annual bit of fun my buddy Rob and I have with the game. :)

  2. Stunning stuff. Simply stunning. Tried to do a few posts like this myself so I know how much work goes into such a thing. Your time and effort is very much appreciated and really shows in the quality of this posting. Bravo! and when's the next one :-)

  3. Cheers Blaxkleric. It does take a while; playing the game is the quickest bit!

    Rob did a great job IMHO on the statue, which was perfect for the game we played. Then it is collating pictures from 3 different cameras each with their own settings, so doing some work with colour balances etc., and trying to pick the most useful images, while also salvaging some that make not be ideally focused, but help the story along. This time around we had a tighter deadline than usual, so I am gal;d it made it in time.

    As for the next one?

    Tradition dictates that shall be Christmas Madness 5; we already have a title picked out which made us laugh, so it is a matter of hoping we can get the minis fopr that painted in time!


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