Sunday, 5 October 2014


Welcome to Follower #140, Mark Rivera. It took a bit of digging but I *think* Mark is the 140th Follower signed up (it can be hared to tell with the Followers gadget!!).

Thanks as always for signing up. :)

There should be more content soon, in a couple of weeks, as I have a big (read important and lengthy) course essay to get out of the way first. That said, I will have a new quick post in the next couple of days. When proper posting resumes, I hope to get 'under the hood' (apologies to Mr. Moore) of the new rules a little more with the Pulp City SE game ahead as we are getting much closer to fulfilment.

I also have this year's Hallowe'en Madness game with Rob on the near horizon. Rob has been working a a terrain piece for this as we depart the mean streets of Pulp City for lush jungle. I have to re-base a mini today ahead of that game, so hopefully that will go well!

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  1. Not sure why I haven't seen your blog before as its exactly what I like to game; albeit I'm a "7TV" super-hero rule set guy. Some gorgeous painting going on and I love the models - will have to get some if you can recommend some nice ones to begin with? Its clear I've a fair few posts to catch up on on this site :-) But at least I shouldn't miss any news ones.


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