Saturday, 3 November 2012

Doc Cosmos Contest 2

The second chance to win a Doc Cosmos mini.

Doc Cosmos is not a Pulp City mini, but if he were in some parallel universe, what stats would he have? I know how I would build him, but how would you?

Create a profile for Doc Cosmos (no cards need to be made - this contest will not be THAT hard!), and the one I feel is the closest match to my vision wins. If no-one enters, a second Contest 1 prize will be drawn.

The profile that needs to be made should be something like:

Faction (Hero, Villain, or Hero/Villain)
Origin (Mystery, Nature or Science)
Level (1, 2 or 3)
STR (choose a value between 1 and 10)
DEF (choose a value between 1 and 10)
ENG (choose a value between 1 and 10)
AGL (choose a value between 1 and 10)
MND (choose a value between 1 and 10)
SPT (choose a value between 1 and 10)
Skills (at least 1, nor more than 4)
Actions (4; names and rules - try and keep them simple guys!)
Team Power (1; name and rules)

Mark email subject as: Doc Comsos stats.
Email your entries to pulpcitizen at

This contest will run until Sunday 2nd December, 23:59 UK time.

Good luck!

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