Wednesday 7 November 2012

Harrier (Paint The City Pink)

Okay, Super-November (title subject to change based on better suggestions) is underway for Rob and me; one mini per week as a minimum deadline for the month.

So what to paint first? Well for me it was a case of finishing my contribution to Hendybadger's Paint The City Pink initiative. Harrier is now done and will be headed to Hendybadger pretty soon I hope, with just some varnish needed.

This is the second Harrier (first is here) I have painted and I think it is a nicely sculpted mini, and even though one of the earlier Pulp City sculpts, still a strong concept in my opinion. Finishing the mini was eventually quite nice as I enjoy painting flesh tone like this more and more these days, finding it more straightforwards than I used to.

Sorry that the pictures are a bit grainy - I think I placed the mini much further back than usual when setting up, but sine i needed to post to hit the deadline, I am stuck with the pictures as taken.

I implore readers to look at Hendybadger's Paint The City Pink initiative, and to try and support it if they can - it is in a very good cause.

As for Super-November? Well I have three more minis in various stages of painting and one other in the 'would like to get done' queue. Stay tuned...


  1. Looking great Leon.
    And thats for the fundraiser plug

  2. She's cute in pink. I have always loved this mini. Well done on hitting your fist deadline- only 3(or 4) more to go!

  3. The pink really works the trip shut down my painting gap for the contest...but by the time I finished and shipped it would be too late.


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