Saturday, 3 November 2012

Doc Cosmos Contest 3

The third chance to win a Doc Cosmos mini.

What if he is not really Doc Cosmos? 

Choose a name and write a background (400 words or less) for a super that you think fits the mini; the one deemed to be the most original and most fitting (a tough combo) wins. And by original I mean without infringing someone else's copyright!

If no-one enters, another Contest 1 prize will be drawn.

Mark the email subject for your emailed entries as: Super Story.
Email your entries to pulpcitizen at

This contest will run until Sunday 2nd December, 23:59 UK time.

Good luck!


  1. Bastard child of Clark Kent and Lois Lane....

  2. ....apologies but you did say 400 or less!

    1. No worries mate! Just remember to email it in before the deadline LOL! ;P

      And was that the name or the story...? :)


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