Thursday, 15 November 2012


Welcome aboard to rousell68, the latest follower of the blog. Glad to have you! rousell68 has the Don't Throw a 1 blog, which has dipped its toe into the proverbial supers waters, with takes on Power Girl, Dr. Strange and the Spectre, so I will be watching with interest.

Thanks again for signing up.

On Pulp City news; I am working on my next mini which is going to be very yellow as the main colour theme. I have also started blocking out base colours on the one after that - dark grey and dark green. Any ideas what they will be?

Further out, working with Maciej and Devon we continue to develop the next iteration of the Pulp City rules ahead of the open beta  phase - more details when we get closer to that.


  1. Is one of them Shadowmask?

    More details now instead? :)

    1. Nah; did Shadow Mask ages ago (but need to do a double soon...).


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