Wednesday, 19 December 2012


This latest 'welcome to the Pulp Citizen' missive is a shout out (there I am down with 'the kids' once again...) to Grigork.

Thanks for signing up Grigork.Grigork has his (presumably!) own blog: The Megalomaniac (Mwhaha) (click for link). Now looking down the labels list it looks to cover a lot genres which means one thing: eclticism, that barometr of strong interest from me! So I will be watching The Megalomaniac (Mwhaha)  to see nwhat future posting holds.

So thank you again Grigork - hopefully you will find visiting the Pulp Citizen to be a worthwhile endeavour.

On Pulp City news, we should be on course for Open Beta of the SE rules version in January which is the target we set some time ago. And it also looks like new releases are getting ever closer  with that long-wanted regular release schedule as part of the plan.

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