Saturday, 8 December 2012


In the pleasant aftermath of the Doc Cosmos contests, the Pulp Citizen has a new Follower  and as ever they are most welcome indeed. So without anymore 'ado', a big and hearty 'welcome aboard' to Carl, thanks for signing up!

Carl has a blog of his own: Musings of a frustrated wargamer, which likes eclectic fayre - always a good thing - which will be added to my blog list. Thanks again Carl, and thanks to everyone who takes some time to stop by.

In Pulp City news:

1. Christmas Madness III was played out a couple of days ago, so look for that around December 24th once the report is formulated in Comic Life style.

2. The Open Beta phase of the Pulp City SE play-testing grows ever nearer. This has meant taking an almost complete blank page approach; almost nothing was sacred when we started dismantling and reconstructing the rules, although some things worked so well they formed the foundation of the new rules. This has meant over 80 profiles revised, revised, and revised again as we home in on our aim for the new game. This has meant the peculiarity of parallel design for the current edition and the upcoming Open Beta. this has meant a lot of hard work from designers and especially play-testers. More as we get nearer to release.

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