Thursday, 3 March 2011

Giant Hadron Update

Okay, after on and off de-flashing and cleaning up the Giant Hadron 'mini', and assembly of a base to hopefully fit in with the aesthetic of my Pulp City collection, Giant Hadron has now been glued to said base. See right for a size comparison picture using Lady Cyburn.

I plan to update this 'thread' as an ongoing blog Project Log.

The model was pretty cleanly cast with no bubbles, but it did need cleaning up, and I variously used my scalpel, an emery board, and a couple of needle files. Mostly I just had to gently carve away excess resin.

There are one or two areas that need to Green Stuff filling, but that will hopefully be quite straightforwards.

I have already (some months ago) started work on Captain Hadron and Mini Hadron, so when I get around to painting Giant Hadron I will pick up the work on those two and try and paint all three at the same time.

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