Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Little Ben - Gargoyles/Grotesques Or Not?

Took these today to gauge opinion before going ahead with undercoating/painting.

All (quick) feedback on the question in the title is welcome.

The 'gargoyles' are dry-fitted for now, so I can either go with them or the flat inserts. Still aiming for a sandstone type of colour.

I'd like to get it readfy for undercoating tomorrow or Sunday, ideally.


  1. Same as Mr. Lurker: No...!

  2. I think I may be inclined to agree; while I wanted them, thye just don't look right. :|

  3. I think it doesn't look right like that. They probably should be sitting in the pillar, sort of framed. It does look weird with them sticking out like that. Just my opinion, the thing still looks great.

  4. All you really need is to give the gargoyles something to sit on. It just looks like their backs are glued on. Looks infinitely out of place compared to the rest of your exquisite model.


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