Wednesday, 16 March 2011

'Little Ben' (WiP Pictures)

Not what I had planned originally (that would have involved using polystyrene to make a similar sized bespoke building, and a lot of time set aside for scoring/assembling/detailing), but with time and non-hobby commitments pressing (work, house moves, that kind of stuff) I needed a much more pragmatic approach to building a central scenery piece for the Salute 2011 demo games. Please forgive the ropey/quickly taken pictures.

[Click on pictures for bigger images]

Hence I delved into my box of Pegasus City Ruins and Gothic Ruins to scavenge the pieces I needed for this. Picture it in more of a sandstone colour, hopefully with a printed clock face over the circular part, and then you may get the idea of what I am aiming for. Some detailing left to do (roof; holes to be filled; gargoyles/grotesques?) before undercoating, so maybe finished in a week or two.


  1. Nice. How big is this beast?

  2. Roughly 4" x 4" footprint, and aroun12" or so tall.

    Any thoughts on whether I shoulkd go plain or with gargoyles/grotesques?

    the plain look is probbaly more appropriate, but I love me some gargoyles and grotesques!

    Thoughts dear readers?

  3. Superb piece! I'd add gargoyles, just to add to personna to the architecture. Very well done, looking forward to seing it finished.

  4. Wow. It should be staggering when you have it painted.

  5. Gargoyles would set it off nicely, but I am a bit detail crazy!


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