Saturday, 11 September 2010

BOOM - Sludge Monster

Work continues on my Pulp City Painting Challenge. Today I have finished work on Jade Hawk, and I am fairly pleased with the results. I have also been readying Silverager and Guerilla (who I may try to tackle together, despite being bigger than most of the range), and doing bits of painting with two versions of Iron Train. Meantime, the Necro G.I.'s have had very little done with them, and my other Grimms have had main base colours only applied.

So in lieu of new Supremes and 'official' Minions, here is another BOOM entry - the Sludge Monster. This is a Black Hat figure I painted a couple of years ago and re based last year I think.

[Click on card image for larger version]

The basic Level 1 Minion (see right) is intended as an exceptionally tough/resilient Minion, so could be used to defend a location or as a 'speed bump', while the Level 2 version (not shown) has more Combat Actions capability.

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