Tuesday, 14 September 2010


This latest 'welcome aboard' goes to two new followers of the blog: Dr. Willett's Workshop and attumen. Thanks for joining - I really appreciate it.

I am guessing both newcomers are hobbyists, and while I recognise that Pulp Citizen is very specific about its content - occupying a niche within a niche hobby - I really hope that anyone signing up or even just stopping by to have a look will find something of interest or of use to them.

In that vein, if anyone has any suggestions for more or less of what they would like to see, or different organisation of the blog, please feel free to comment.

As to what the Pulp Citizen has been up to lately? Well I finished painting Jade Hawk a few days ago, and then started work on Silverager and Guerilla (both big apes are members of ARC). Silverager is nearly finished (should be done today, distractions permitting. I have started work on another Iron Train; like Chronin, this makes it the third attempt to finish a specific model, again the stripping bath has been employed - so maybe eventually I will have two Iron Trains. I also have an Iron Train conversion in mind at some point - something for the distant future.

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