Friday, 15 July 2011

Terror Cotta Warriors (Concept)

This is the design concept for the planned Terror Cotta Warriors, from the Pulp City Facebook page.

Although a few ideas are under consideration (whether they should have a techno look or not; ancient or high tech weapon; whether they should be modular with a number of building options like heads and weapons), this should give an idea of the final mini.

What I like is that the TCW's signal part of a subtle shift in Team-building in the game; previously it was X and Y number of Level 1 and Level 2 Supremes (with occasionally a Level 3), all of which were distinct and unique, and may have been tied to a specific Sub-faction.

However, with the upcoming Loup Garou II and Moonchild/Moon Coyote, each allows the other to be used in the same Team, despite one being Villain and the other Hero. Other specific shifts are coming as well. The ARC will have what looks to be a unique take on how to field a Level 3 Supreme with several options. And as for the TCW's? well they may prove to be a special non-unique Supreme, allowing more than one to be fielded in the right circumstances. All good stuff that should allow for some interesting but specific changes to Team building.

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  1. I really do like the direction of this game. The new creativity I have seen (building your own minions, the way the supremes work, new monsters and characters.. agendas and encounters) is refreshing. It is one of my favorite tabletop games by far, and the new stuff you posted just makes me even more excited!


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