Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Red Baron

The ace of the skies.

The Red Baron was very much my ‘grail miniature’ for a long time. Once I set out to paint every single miniature for the Pulp City line, I quickly came across the simple issue that even if I painted every currently available mini, including limited splash availability releases such as June Summers which I was lucky to have, that I would not have a ‘complete collection’ if I did not have a painted Red Baron.

And so began the search.

The search was not so dramatic as I try and make it sound. Basically posting on various fora periodically, saying I was looking to get hold of a copy of this mini. Eventually I got lucky and someone was willing to part with their own undercoated copy. A deal was struck. It arrived shortly thereafter, and I needed to create a minor repair to a foot (the mini is resin) and then of course I decided I needed to finish as many other Pulp City minis as possible before starting it. Well when I realized that I only had 5 minis remaining, including one I could not start yet due to a missing part, and including the 3 Hadrons who I am still trying to work out what to do next with, then I felt it was time to get cracking, and get cracking I did. The mini was painted in a couple of days and I am fairly satisfied with the outcome as it allowed me to work on a couple of techniques (the leather shine/sharp highlight effect on boots and coat), and I like the final colour scheme.

I have not gamed with the Red Baron yet, and he will probably be relegated to specially devised Encounters simply as he is a powerful proposition. When I do game with him, have no doubt a suitable Battle Report will follow!


  1. Cheers; much appreciated.

    Still working on improving/learning various techniques, but I think I can see some improvement in myself in the past 2-3 years, despite painting minis for some 20-25 years.

  2. I really like the techniques on the jacket and boots. Very sharp indeed. My only comment would be on the face of the mini, it looks a lil muddled. Though, I think that might be more of an issue with the mini (though I have never seen it) than your painting techniques.

    Overall, great job on a very hard to find piece!

  3. I think I will try an sharpen the face up before varnishing. Cheers. :)


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