Tuesday, 26 July 2011


There appears to be a happy (for me!) flurry of these 'welcome' posts lately, so thanks again for everyone who has taken time to sign up as a Follower.

The latest welcome goes out to kieronmulholland who looks to be another minis fan and as ever I hope I can repay the decision to Follow the Pulp Citizen with at least the occasional post of some entertainment. Thanks again.

On the Painting Challenge front, I currently have just 4 minis left to finish the range. One is missing a part, so I only have 3 I can work on. these all are in base colours, but will require some inspiration + motivation = painting time type of formula.


  1. Cheers for the welcome. Your blog is really helping inspire me to finally get my backside in gear with my own supers stuff, which will find its way onto my own blog soon. I'm in the process of sorting minis and building a small test board.

    I'm trying to develop my own set of rules - not that I think there's a problem with Pulp City, Supersystem or even Clix, but simply because I wanted something even lighter and easier to pick up (part of my long quest to get my wife into gaming).

    Keep up the excellent work.

  2. If looking for other rules, maybe take a look at Atomic Super Humans? Also Ganesha Games have Power Legions coming as a supers game at some point.


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