Thursday, 14 July 2011

Aaaannnd...We're Back!

Okay, Pulp Citizen and Mrs Pulp Citizen are settled into their new domcile, which has meant the start of decorating of rooms, repairing stuff that was needed etc.

The upshot of some of this work is that I now have a dedicated room for painting and 'stuff'. What is more, in time I hope to set up a gaming table in the 'upper cave'...

So without further ado, some images from my hobby sanctuary, including some comic art from one of my favourite creator's works - Jack Staff (currently published by Image Comics and from the mind and pencils and pens of the superb Paul Grist).

In the meantime I have managed to paint/finish a couple of previously started minis in the past few days: Stinger, Scorpio Fencer (Ulthar); and Sovereign (a Direct Only mini I picked up at Salute 2011).

The sharp-eyed may just make out the two new minis on the top shelf of the right-hand cabinet where they sit awaiting varnishing. Pics for these two will follow sooner or later, and hopefully some momentum will continue.

My painting/modelling station is a bit crowded at present - it will get sorted in time I guess; maybe. I have never enjoyed the tidiest approach of painting areas - I guess my haphazard approach to painting in general is reflected in my painting area.

Hawk-eyed minis fans may note an Anima Tactics box on the desk; I have picked up quite a few AT minis of late and once I am up to speed with my Pulp City collection I would like to crack into some of them (along with all my other 'projects' of course...).

Finally, we have the 'secret' entrance to the upper cave; well not so secret, but Mrs Pulp Citizen has not actually said "no" to a gaming table being stationed up there, so wish me luck....!

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