Monday, 31 May 2010

May Painting Summary

Another month over, I didn't finish Apebot in the end, but the mini is further along than it was before, that is for sure. I managed to clear some 'backlog' minis that had been part-done, which was pleasing, even if the outcome in one case wasn't wholly satisfying.

Not finishing Apebot was impacted by other diversions, including 'real-life' obligations. One or two diversions have been very much Pulp City related. One I cannot say anything about at this time really, except to suggest checking in each week to the Pulp City Forums for some updates from Morf. The other is hopefully going to result in something very cool: I have been transcribing an interview I did at Salute with Maciej Żylewicz. The interview should form part of a larger article. More on that if and when it reaches publication.

This month I painted:
- Sanguine & Draku
- Kitty Cheshire
- Acorn
- Supreme Zed
- Sentry Bots (the second pair of these I have painted; to be photographed soon)

That means all of the Salute releases are done; some extra Minions (which I am not counting for my Painting Challenge; 5 cards worth of 'official' Minions done); I have finally finished Acorn months after finishing her partner Father Oak; and I managed to get a lot more done on Apebot than had been done previously. In all, a pleasing month for my challenge. Bring on June.

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