Monday, 17 May 2010


A bit of a post 'dump' yesterday, with my recent completed minis (and Dead Eye) all uploaded and blogged. I was really glad to see Acorn done, not because I am happy with how the model turned out, but simply that it isn't hanging over me anymore. Unlike in January when I had some kind of 'painter's block', this time it was the mini itself that I just couldn't get to grips with finishing. And that annoyed the hell out of me every time I picked it up, did a little, then put it down again. Cranking out a few other figures really helped.

What it means is that I currently have 15 minis (plus some duplicates) to paint; and I think I will accept that I have left a lot of stuff to the end that I either have no real plan for or minis that will be technically hard to do for whatever reasons (2 are all 'metal' in design; since I am still learning with Non-Metallic Metallics -NMM, they will be tricky indeed). I could probably do with another release wave or something very special soon to drag me on.

As for the stuff I consider special on the work-station: Supreme Zed is coming on - special because he is new; I have an undercoated June Summers in the painting queue; and there is a very special mini I have been striving to obtain. This last one I don't have yet, but I am working on it...


  1. Enough painting mate, take a break! We want to see a cool battle report! :)

  2. I have been talking with my main gaming buddy about doing a battle report.

    We would look at using a couple of cameras and using a full day to play and photograph. Soon-ish, hopefully.

    Meanwhile, the paintimg will continue in the usual fits and starts... ;)

  3. At least you have June AND you have a shot at getting "that" miniature (unlike me LoL).


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