Friday, 21 May 2010

Supreme Zed

First field test is over. Partial success, the subject, now codenamed Supreme Zed, got beheaded but that didn’t stop it from destroying two tanks. We had to evacuate the hit team as after VH’s blade mangled the subject, the odds seemed low.
Can’t even think how powerful the subject will be in a couple of weeks. And it already hates Blood Watch…

I loved this mini the first time I saw it. Sculpted by the supremely talented James van Schaik, Supreme Zed combines spandex-ness with the growing trend for zombie minis out there in a tremendous way, I think. The mini in-game offers a very durable undead Villain, although I have yet to game with Supreme Zed to see how truly nasty he is on the table.

It is the last of the Pulp City minis I collected at Salute 2010, and I knew early on how I wanted to tackle the colour scheme. Superman, that super-hero icon of icons, uses a palette of the three primary colours: red, blue and yellow (the latter on his emblems and belt). So I settled on going with a palette using only the secondary colours of the colour circle for Supreme Zed's costume. I wanted a grubby look to him, since he won't be concerned with dry-cleaning, but stopped short of trying to add dried blood since I didn't feel confident on achieving a satisfactory result.


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