Thursday, 27 May 2010

Another Micro Update

The month end is looming, and oddly and very unexpectedly, this may turn out to be my most successful month yet.

Yesterday I finished a couple more Sentry Bots, simply because I need more Minions for the table. They were 'quick paint jobs' that I am fairly pleased with (much in the way the first batch were). They have been done in a colour scheme to tie in to my Villains, and should be photographed when I have something else done, which may be sooner than later.

The 'muse' is a funny thing. I don't know whether the Muse of painting (I guess she would be the eleventh or twelfth Muse for you classicists!), that elusive entity for some of us, has been at play, but yesterday finishing the new Sentry Bots gave me a plan for painting Apebot, a mini I have been putting off finishing for a few months. A sudden insight led to laying down some more paint and some washes and it is starting to shape up in a manner I am happy with. Suddenly the list of minis in stages of partial painting has been reduced in the past 2-3 weeks.

The upshot is that I have already finished 5 minis this month for the self-imposed challenge (the additional Sentry Bots don't count as they are duplicates), and may have another done before the end of the month, meaning 7-8 minis for the month - a good and pleasing outcome.

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