Friday, 21 May 2010

Rest in Peace Matt Randy

Matt was a guy I had come to know through the Pulp City Forum; on the forum he was known (as he was elsewhere) as Invader Larb.

Matt was a Herald for the game, as well as being a Press Ganger for Privateer. Matt was definitely a gamer. Matt's posts were always well-thought out and friendly, which I feel was testament to the man. I liked Matt and had been honoured to be doing some stuff in conjunction with him and those responsible for the Pulp City game. What became clear was that Matt supported gaming with a love of the games he played, so much so that he was well immersed in the culture of gaming.

Matt took his own life in between Wednesday and today (Friday). My deepest condolences go to all of Matt's family, especially his wife Casey, and his brother Michael (also a forum member) who passed on the tragic news. It is terribly sad and no words can undo what has taken place. Matt's family have my utmost sympathies in this time of their loss.

Matt Randy, rest in peace my friend. You will be missed.


  1. There are no words really......just a tragedy.

    My thoughts are with his family

  2. It is a total shitter, I feel for his family and empathis with Matt that he felt things were so bad he had no options. Its a real shame.


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