Monday, 10 May 2010


The title suggests it all, really. Finished another model today (Sanguine - to be photographed soon; well soon-ish...maybe), yet I have currently 18 minis to go (plus whatever is released between now and the end of the year) in my self-imposed painting challenge.

Many of my minis stay in various states of painting for far, far too long, while others seem to get done relatively quickly (recently Vector and Sanguine have been completed in what for me is a fairly rapid time-frame - others may scoff at my generous definition of 'rapid'...).

Now I know that blogging about painting takes time away from the actual painting; but as I have observed before (possibly) - I am easily distracted! But the point is I know I currently have in various stages of painting:
Draku - Sanguine's pooch; base colour applied a week or so ago.
Iron Train - base colour applied; that was probably over a month ago.
Gentleman with Sniper Rifle - two (!) count 'em two with base colours applied; one has been in that same state for ahem, a few months.
Chronin - two base colours applied, then relegated to the back of the queue; she was started a couple of months ago.
Acorn - there are occasional moves forward, and her base is at least finished; sadly the miniature has been in various stages of painting for about 5 months at a guess.
Supreme Zed - he had some paint slapped on at the week-end; I hope I can at least keep some momentum with that one!
Apebot - base colour applied months ago!

So when I say it is a 'challenge', I think I can stand by that statement - simply of my own distracted creation!

Ooh look, the postman has brought me more shiny stuff...


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  2. You are doing so well, MUCH better than me - my hand problems (and real life) keeps getting in the way! Keep up the Good Work - Drew (last post deleted because of a cat attack on the keyboard LoL)

  3. Cheers Drew; glad to know I am not the only hobbyist whose cats want to involve themselves in whatever you are doing (as I type, a cute grey is seeking my attention...).

    UPDATE: a bit more paint slapped on Acorn and Draku is almost finished!

  4. UPDATE: Draku was finished pretty quickly, and today I finished a simple paint job on Kitty Cheshire. Photographs at the weekend I reckon (I also have Dead Eye to re-photograph).


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