Sunday, 16 May 2010


18 months after Father Oak first appeared in Pulp City the Heartwood tree called to him once more. Following the voice again the great tree yielded up to him a small child. This was Acorn the daughter of Father Oak and the tree, or so he claims.

This has been the longest time I have taken on my a single mini in my self-imposed challenge from start to finish (thus far). I started Acorn at the same time as I started Father Oak. But whereas I really got into painting Father Oak, every time I picked up Acorn, I would tickle the mini with a dab of paint using the hairy stick, but just couldn't get around to doing a great deal. I don't think it is a bad model, it just hasn't engaged me and I found it awkward to paint in places.

The colour scheme was intended to complement that used with Father Oak (particularly the wood parts, the greenery, the green medallions, the tunics). I will try to photograph both together soon.

In game terms Father Oak and Acorn are very much intended to work together; Acorn can be fragile but can offer some destructive capability in her own way.

The mini was sculpted by Sergio Alonso Leon, who also crafted Father Oak.

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