Tuesday, 4 May 2010


The latest 'welcome' goes out to Steven: thanks for joining. It looks like Steven is a fellow enthusiast for minis so hopefully I can repay the decision to follow the blog with some occasionally interesting of useful posts. In the meantime, once again a really hearty welcome aboard.

I don't know if Steven is also Steve (aka abhorsen950), but the latter has provoked a thought or two in me. I am familiar with Steve/abhorsen from Lead Adventure Forum (link here), and I have to say it is one of the friendliest and most helpful non-dedicated minis-based forums around. If you haven't checked it out, please do so.

Steve also mentioned using my minis with Supersystem. I have the first couple of editions of that fine game in my collection (the third edition was recently released). I have tried a number of Supersystem games and the game has a pretty dedicated following. It is as near-universal a tabletop game system as I have come across in terms of creating characters with the abilities you want them to have. I have heard some really good stuff about using it in place of other game engines (for example, I have heard of WH40K-based games using the Supersystem rules instead of the normal WH40K set).

Supersystem is very much a 'can do' system. But at this time it isn't for me. I prefer the core resolution mechanic in Pulp City: single die roll (with occasional Power Up or other dice added/rolled alongside) versus a goal-counting resolution (from Supersystem). In system terms Pulp City wins for me for that resolution mechanic, while Supersytem wins for flexibility. Since what I am aiming to do is to try and paint everything from the specific line, then Pulp City makes obvious sense to use, as well as the fact that I like how it plays in terms of resource management etc. But for those who like a different flavour of game, there are rule sets like Supersystem in which you could drop your Pulp City models (or indeed any models) with no real difficulty.


  1. Yes I am one abhorsen950 from LAF and Pulp city did take my fancy was just saying incase you didnt no of supersystem (many dont)

    All the best with the blog.

  2. Indeed, Supersystem is a nifty game, but a very different take on things than Pulp City. Both have their merits! But PC is one of my top two games right now for a reason.

  3. Steve: thanks for coming aboard - I really appreciate it. :)

    Cheetahmaster: which is the other favoured game you are enjoying right now?

  4. Tried Supersystem myself, the rules are too "bitty" and unsatisfying for me!

    Keep up the good work with the Blog - Drew (Doctor Warlock)


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