Sunday, 30 May 2010


The latest welcome aboard goes out to the Acrobatic Flea; great moniker by the way. I see the Acrobatic Flea is a super-hero gamer, and I guess we have both probably enjoyed many of the same kinds of super-hero games. I hope I can repay the Acrobatic Flea for stopping by.

For me, my early super-hero gaming was bound up in the available choices: in no specific order, superhero rpgs of the 1980's such as Champions, V & V, Heroes Unlimited, Golden Heroes, DC Heroes (I still think the MEGS AP system is one of the most elegant designs of all time), Marvel Super Heroes (TSR); Superworld; as well as stuff like the Fighting Fantasy book Appointment With F.E.A.R..

At the same time I was picking up little lead men from time to time. For a superhero gamer like me that really meant the offerings from GW (Golden Heroes minis) and Grenadier (licensed minis such as Champions, DC and Marvel). I even attempted to use the Rogue Trader: Warhammer 40,000 rules (I think, rather than WFB 2nd edition) to create a tabletop superhero game - that didn't work out. In the past decade I have gained access to more superhero and supervillain minis from more manufacturers than ever before. I guess we have the Internet, paypal and the like to thank for that. For me it is a 'golden age' of tabletop superhero gaming, yet despite that it is a niche hobby within a niche (to paraphrase Maciej - creator of Pulp City following a recent interview). Still, happy times.


  1. Thanks for the warm welcome. Back in the day, I was a massive player of Villains & Vigilantes (Acrobatic Flea was my main character), but haven't played a supers game for a long time now. Have recently picked up Icons though and am getting excited by that, with the hope of running for my monthly gaming group later this year.

    You've already been a massive source of inspiration - please keep up the great work - as I've filled my Amazon basket with Van Allen Plexico's Sentinels' books on your recommendation :)

  2. Thanks for the warm words, AF; you will have to let me know a little more about Icons - it isn't something Ihave yet heard of. :)

  3. Icons is the new RPG from Steve 'Mutants & Masterminds' Kenson, but designed in the style of old school supers games like Villains & Vigilantes (ie. random character generation) and is designed to be a fast & simple game (for either quick pick-up games or extended play).

    It also uses some ideas (and jargon) from indie games like FATE/FUDGE... but I'm trying not to hold that against it.

    So far it reads well and the publishers (Adamant) seem to have a lot of support material in the pipeline.


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