Saturday, 1 May 2010


With the most recent shocking Supreme-caused crimes, citizens of Pulp City look up to the greatest heroes and take the justice in their own hands.

Sculpted by Wojtek Flis, the Vigilantes are Level 2 Hero Minions who come with Dead Eye. They are not exclusive to Dead Eye, but become more potent when fielded alongside that particular hero of Pulp City - becoming Level 1 Supremes, which don't count towards the number of Supremes selected! Instead even with dead Eye they are purchased as Resources.

I had my first games with them yesterday and found them to be fun and effective - not game winners, but a nice addition to the range of Resource options.

The minis were painted along with Dead Eye to give a cohesive feel, hopefully making them look like a combined 'unit' as may be the case in some other games.

Originally I had a different colour scheme in mind for Dead Eye, but when I settled on the US-patriot theme for the Vigilantes his colour scheme changed to something resembling his 'official' scheme to fit more nicely with them. I am probably most pleased with the wood-grain effect on the baseball bat - not too readily visible here (however try clicking on the top image for a larger image view), but it is there I assure you!


  1. Really nice work there - the scheme really fits the sports-themed hero vibe :) Hadn't seen Dead Eye before for some reason, but these fit with him very well!

  2. Seeing all your work has made me really interested in buying some of the Pulp City figs. I like the spandexy supers, and the robot sentries will be good Star Wars characters.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Chris: dead Eye was definitely one of those minis I ended up enjoying painting more than I expected, but the Vigilantes were great fun to paint.

    MrTeufel: glad to see you around - if I can help out with any info on the line just let me know.

  4. Surely picking up Super System would be great for you, then you could mix in all kinds of supers, clix figures and whatever else takes your fancy.


  5. Thanks Steve/abhorsen (a friendly face from perhaps the friendliest minis forum going).

    I do own Supersystem (only 1st and 2nd editions), and I love the 'build your own' freedom, but I honestly prefer the action resolution mechanic that Pulp City offers. The single die (sometimes with bonus dice) and add trait approach I find less cumbersome than goal counting. Pulp City does not offer Supersystem's customisablity or open freedom, but that is not what has taken me with the game: it is the factions, the setting, and the minis.

    Re: the challenge I have imposed, it isn't just about the agme, but that for perhaps the only time in my life I may have acrack at being able to manage to paint every single mini from a specific game line, which I would be very pleased about if successful. Wish me luck, please!


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