Thursday, 15 July 2010

Mini Update

Just one completed mini so far in July; however I am off work for 8 days from next week so I expect that to turn around fairly soon. In addition the following have all had a few slaps with the hairy sticks and some paint applied:

- Chronin
- Iron Train
- C.O.R.E.

All Heavy Metal oddly enough. I'll try and get some base colours on a few more next week.

In the mean-time I have finished Gentleman with sniper rifle (a variant of the two-gun Gentleman). I am not wholly satisfied with the end result, mainly because in painting it I realised that I had not cleaned the mini up fully, leaving some pitting/roughness on the right side of the face of the mini. On the plus side there are a couple of bits of highlighting that came out well (but others that didn't). At least it is done and I have another copy of the mini that I can tackle at a later date.

I am looking forwards to seeing some new releases, hopefully soon. I think I have been under-motivated on the challenge due to lack of new Pulp City stuff in the past two and half months. I think some new minis will kick-start extra enthusiasm for painting which will see increased painting productivity.


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