Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Custom Cards - Take Two

Regular visitors may remember my disappointment when I received my first attempt at my own custom Resource cards recently. Undeterred, I tried again this time with ArtsCow. The difference in the two can be readily seen in the picture (picture right; ArtsCow deck is to the left, CustomStuff deck to the right).

Now I have ordered from ArtsCow ( previously, which is what inspired this little project. Larkin Vain, a fellow Pulp City enthusiast, and a moderator/member of the Pulp City Forum, made some cards of his own some time ago and I got a set of those. That in turn inspired me to create this deck for my own gaming.

With the various Minions I have created, I thought it was high time I made my own cards, and you have been seeing the fruits of that labour under the BOOM tag. So this deck has a number of my home brew Minions (using the BOOM rules), as well some other...stuff.

I can highly recommend ArtsCow, and thanks to some kind of offer/discount, I only paid shipping on this deck.


  1. Cool... They look so much better, really impressive! Any Chance you could let us know what the shipping to the UK was?

  2. Those look great! I'm going look into making a new set for the latest edition of the rulebook. :)


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