Thursday, 8 July 2010

Magic Markers (3)

Let there be rock(s).

I have been working on more markers/Tokens lately, and these are some of the latest results of my endeavours.

I'll show more in a the next few weeks as I build up more of them. I like doing these as they add to the visual narrative of the game, even if they are not strictly required.


Well stones, maybe. These latest markers (Tokens) are intended to represent Stoner Hawk's Stoneshapes creations. Stoneshapes allows Stoner Hawk to make one stone marker per AP spent, creating a very formidable barrier; useful to for inhibiting enemy movement or attacks, as well as defending objectives.

The astute reader may note that with his AP 5 Stoner Hawk can only create 5 markers. And I have made 7. It is future-proofing basically, anticipating that one day Stoner Hawk may be able to create more thanks to the Actions of friendly Supremes.

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