Tuesday, 13 July 2010

June Summers - And The Winner Is...

So, despite the best efforts of my valiant independent judging panel (Beermonkey, Varagon and John S. - all Heralds from the Pulp City Forum; thanks so very much guys, I really appreciate your help!), I was left with an evenly tied result. This meant calling in a special extra judge to break the tie.

So I asked Maciej, the creator and driving force behind Pulp City for his favourite, and this was his verdict:

"I like the Wong’s Emporium the best ;)
Seems almost like a location I would come up with!"

Maciej came up with his decision based on the favoured results of the judges. The winning entry he selected is by Rob Bresnen, a Follower of the blog and more pertinently my main gaming buddy, which is why the entries were judged blind.

Congratulations to Rob (your figure will be with you soon), and thanks to those who entered - a bit of fun for me and a way of getting a mini that is not currently widely available to be 'out there'. Thanks again to those who entered.

For those who are interested this is a pdf download of the entries (here) and this is the winner:

Rob Bresnen

Doctor Wong’s Emporium (A Pulp City Location)

The uninitiated are unlikely to ever find Doctor Wong’s store. It is not in any Pulp City directory, and has no web site. There is no advertising except for a small cardboard sign pinned to a faded blue door, at the top of a staircase, over a Chinese takeaway. The sign is written in a very neat script, in English and Chinese, and reads “Doctor Wong’s Emporium: Antiquities, Herbalist, and Feng Shui.”
Beyond the blue door the tiny store is comparatively spartan, as it is painstakingly laid out with the archaic principles of Feng Shui. The interesting curios on display for sale are likewise carefully positioned to permit the flow of positive energy through the room. Perhaps an interested customer might stumble upon a rare herb, or an ancient jewellery box, but they are as likely to come across a moth-eaten monkey paw or a cutting from an old newspaper. What Doctor Wong values seems to defy the logic of an ordinary shopper.
Only a handful of people outside Pulp City’s Chinese community know of the existence of Doctor Wong’s store, and they tend to frequent it because they appreciate its authentic ‘ethnicity’. Even they would probably be shocked to discover that the strange, bespectacled old man who potters around the little shop is actually a powerful supreme, and more ancient that they could ever imagine.
Doctor Wong is a healer. His touch can mend any bones, knit together damaged tissue, eradicate infection, calm troubled spirits and restore health and vigour. All he asks in return for his miraculous healing is for a small portion of his patient’s life force, to sustain his own ancient, frail body a little longer. How much he takes depends upon the damage or the disease he must treat, but who would begrudge a few days, or even a few weeks, off their lifespan to ensure good heath?
Doctor Wong heals both heroes and villains, as dictated by the principles of Yin and Yang. His own Karmic balance depends upon his neutrality, and thus he is largely ignored by the Supremes of Pulp City.
Ignored, that is, until they need his unique healing touch.

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