Sunday, 11 July 2010

BOOM - High Tech Ninja

BOOM - this was a term coined to describe the fruits of the Minion Creation rules: Build Our Own Minions. I'll be posting pictures of non-Pulp City minis representing some of my creations along with the associated home-brew character card to go with them. First up is the High Tech Ninja.

I envisage the High Tech Ninja as a shadowy figure that could walk in the world of grey between the Heroes and Villains of Pulp City.

The model is from the Infinity range, which I feel sits well alongside Pulp City minis both in scale and proportion. A simple paint-job and voila. This was painted some time before most of my Pulp City minis and was re-based to match them.

Thanks to the Solo ability, the model is treated as a Character Minion - this basically means the High Tech Ninja Activates as a Supreme would without needing to be Commanded. Advanced Scout means the High Tech Ninja can deploy further than usual onto the battlefield, while Deadly Rush increases the Minion's mobility.

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