Sunday, 11 July 2010

Custom Cards

I created some jpegs of various custom Minions as well as game aids, and had them printed by an online retailer. I am extremely disappointed with both the results and the quality.

The cards have had the content re-sized by the supplier to be about half the expected width, while a couple have thumb-print ink smudges. The supplier is, and I cannot endorse their product at this time. They are not cheap or even inexpensive, they have no contact details on their website (not a good sign, and something I should have checked before ordering), and so there is no easy or obvious means of addressing the issue of receiving goods that are poor in quality and execution.


  1. I'm not sure how much the postage would be but you could try using Artscow in the US. They are offering free postage at the moment but I don't know if it applies to non-us customers. A deck of 54 custom cards is $9.99, the only problem is that they have to be playing card sized.

  2. I will be going with them next; I have had good past experience with ArtsCow.

  3. Thanks for the warning about, I was just about to use them!

  4. Thankfully I paid through payapal, so at least had some email addresses which I accessed through my paypal records, and to be fair to them they have promptly refunded me, but still the product was below par I am afraid to say.


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