Wednesday, 14 July 2010

BOOM - Giant Ice Golem

Continuing the BOOM line.

I picture the Giant Ice Golem as the product of arcane rites; raised either by Heroes to stand firm against Villainy or by Villains to aid their diabolical machinations. Therefore I can see the Giant Ice Golem being used in a Team with at least a couple of Mystery Supremes.

The mini is one of the excellent Malifaux line from Wyrd Miniatures. The paint-job was a quick and dirty combo of dry brush and minimal washes. Not the most stunning of work, but adequate and effective for the tabletop.

The Giant Ice Golem can operate independently as a Character Minion (Solo), and has limited ranged capability (I envisage it showering a target with shards of ice - using Hurl Weapon), and can even be used for moving objectives around - keeping precious AP Allowances freed up for your Supremes.


  1. Remind me again what you're using to make these BOOM cards? They're pretty snazzy, and I want to whip a couple up before Gencon...

  2. I use GIMP (freeware image manipulation). The files were given to me by a fellow Pulp City enthusiast. PM me through one of the Forums we are on and I can forward them via email.


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