Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Then & Now (Photography)...

As I mentioned recently I have changed my photographic/lighting set-up recently. This has followed on from having to get a new digital camera this year (a unrelated issue, really). Of course it means getting used to a new set-up and hopefully sharpening my limited skills.

The upshot is that I am still getting used to the changes I am making, in terms of camera and subject positioning, backdrop (I prefer the new blue one), picture quality etc.

To that end I thought a quick sample of how I have hopefully made some improvement and progress may be of a little interest. These are the four stages of change in my miniatures photography, handliy having shot pictures of the same mini (Mourn) during each phase of my development.

PICTURE 1 (TOP): current set-up (yes not as well focused as I would like). Now using a small light tent type thing with two extra lamps with daylight bulbs point unfiltered into the subject area. I probably need at least one more daylight bulb in there.

PICTURE 2: the backdrop was actually pale-blue but usually showed up as off-white which I didn't like. Using daylight bulbs by this time.

PICTURE 3 (RIGHT): early set-up 'formula' - normal lamps (2x 40 W and 1x 60W I think), and the same backdrop as above (the subsequent set-up); the pictures were very yellow which required some manipulation using Picture Manager (for ease).

PICTURE 4 (BOTTOM): one of my earliest pictures; no use of macro function, no tripod, use of the flash rather than lamps! Oh dear! Here enthusiasm exceeded knowledge, understanding or experience, and so the fruit of my eagerness was this.

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