Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Every new Follower gets a 'welcome', since as far as I am concerned it is the very least that I can do if someone takes the time to look over my blog.

This 'welcome' and therefore big thank you for signing up as a Follower goes out to laughingferret. In the starnge chain of inter-connectedness that is the minis painting world, I saw a couple of AE-WWII Hell Hounds painted by laughingferret on the Lead Adventure Forum (a great place BTW!). From there I saw he had his own blog which I checked out and signed up for and laughingferret has kindly reciprocated.

The thing is if I had not been recently preoccupied with looking into getting some work done with my AE WWII minis, I would not have seen those Hell Hounds or his blog, which itself covers tons of stuff that takes my interest from cool WH40K conversions and projects, to Blood Bowl (yes I will start that up someday I guess) and so much more - I heartily recommend stopping by laughingferret's blog here.

So thanks again to everyone who stops by, new and old.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the kind intro!
    Looking froward to seeing what you do with the weird WWII genre as well as Blood Bowl: some of my favorites :)


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